Lenten Services

February 10, 2018

Stones of God’s Grace
This season of Lent, you are invited to identify a stone – found in a river, your yard or wherever – to use as a focal image through Lent. The stones will then gathered on Palm Sunday and decoratively arranged in a concrete cross that will be laid in our property as a permanent reminder of our life in the Cross of Christ.

Services - 6:45pm 
Feb. 14 – Ash Wednesday Worship (No Meal)
Feb. 21 – God’s Law Engraved in Stone and Human Hearts
Feb. 28 – A Millstone as a Metaphor of Punishment for Sin
Mar. 7 – Jesus: Stumbling Stone for Unbelievers; Rock of Salvation for Believers
Mar. 14 – Jesus: Living Stone of the Church
Mar. 21 – Jesus: Foundation Stone for Our Lives