Wednesday Zoom Bible Study Group
October 21, 2020, 10:00 am
These are anxious times.  We live in a time of pandemic… a pandemic of fear and unease.  Waiting for things to return to “normal” …or maybe “the other shoe to drop.”  Our defenses are up.  Watching out for others.  Most of us relate in some way to these feelings.  Anxiety is that vague feeling that something isn't right, that something bad may happen.  Worry becomes an all-consuming part of life.  We’ll engage in this eight-session Bible Study written by Skip McDonald and look at a variety of Old Testament and New Testament Scripture passages that cover experiences of general  anxiety, worry, and panic.  To register, please email the church office at office@atonementbillings.org

Event Contact Info:
Name: Pastor Darren Paulson
Title: Senior Pastor
Phone: 406-245-7004
Email: office@atonementbillings.org
Website: http://www.atonementbillings.org/