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Communications - All events will be shared through a weekly e-mail newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Text Messages. Click the following images to get connected!

Literally the best way to stay connected is through the weekly e-newsletter and through the text messages. If you'd like to sign-up contact Jon or manuever through the images below!

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Weekly things here.

Youth Group - Every Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm in the Youth Room.
Come join the fellow youth for group discussion on a Bible Study, or topics for youth.  We always begin with prayer and a dinner followed by other activities! 

Would you also like to provide a meal for the youth group on a Wednesday night as well?
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Monthly Activities- Every month there will be either a fellowship or service opportunity. Beginning in 2017 fellowship activities will alternate being for middle and high school youth. Watch out for regular mailings and e-mails about these events!

Denver Learning and Service Pilgrimage
Current 8th-12th Grade Students
July 9-16th, 2017

More information here. 
Registration form here.

*When filled out, give to Jon or slide it under his office door!*

Not weekly things.

Youth Gathering
Early Register for the Youth Gathering by Sunday, May 28th
Registration forms can be found in the youth room or by clicking here.

Fundraiser at Wyndstone 
Next Thursday, June 22nd a fundraiser is happening during the concert of selling drinks.

Get more information and sign up by clicking here.

Every Third Thursday of the Summer months there will involve a day of service and fellowship! In June, we had a group of youth volunteer at Vacation Bible School and then travelled to Get Air Billings!

Plans for Thursday, July 20th.
9:00am: Meet at Atonement Lutheran Church
9:00-12:00pm: Do service projects throughout the Heights.
12:00-1:00pm: Lunch break!
1:00-3:00pm: Bowling!

Register for Triple-T by clicking here or the above image.
Jon Bates, Director of Youth, Family, and Education Ministries