Abundant Joy

November 1, 2012

Overflowing Generosity—Our 2012 Stewardship program concludes Sunday, November 11, with commitments of time, talents and financial resources carried foward and given with our weekly gifts in the offering baskets.

November 4: Giving to God of Our Spiritual Gifts
"A healthy congregation serves God's people within and beyond the congregation. These ministries include everything from serving those in need to spreading he good news, beginning with the neighborhood where the congregation is located and moving outward into the world. Healthy congregations recognize that both spiritual formation and mission service are essential to faithful discipleship."

November 11: Giving to God of Our Income
"By giving a percentage of our income, we provide for the practical financial ministry needs of the church, and we provide for the needs of the poor and suffering. This happens as we give to fill the storehouse—the church and faith based agencies—that help provide for people who are poor or in need."