Homecoming Sunday

September 18, 2021

Sunday, September 19th is “Homecoming Sunday” for us at Atonement. We will set aside the time passed since we have last gathered and celebrate the present moment, with our eyes fixed to the future. As with other homecomings, we invite you to wear a jersey of your favorite team (national, college, or local teams… or maybe even “team” Atonement shirts!) and bring a friend. Consider reaching out to an Atonement friend you’ve not seen for a long time and invite them to join you. We’ve all had a difficult past year – and the coming days offer no guarantees. But one thing we can be certain of is a faithful God who longs to gather His people into His earthly Church and – eventually – His heavenly home. Our home is in God – and the church is God’s family, coming together. Let’s celebrate! ☩ Pastor Darren