Maundy Thursday

April 1, 2020

Join us Online for Maundy Thursday "The Last Supper" Worship at 6:45pm on Thursday, April 9.
In 1494, when Leonardo Da Vinci' was forty-two, he was commissioned by the Duke of Milan to decorate the dining room of the convent Church. As an appropriate theme for this dining room, the painter chose THE LAST SUPPER. His painting was not intended to be a faithful reproduction of the original scene as it had taken place in first century Palestine, but as it might have taken place in fifteenth century Italy. He chose what he considered the most dramatic moment of THE LAST SUPPER. In this living dramatization, the twelve apostles speak their minds to themselves,
to each other and to the Lord in the light of the words which they have just heard Jesus speak, "One of you will betray me."