In Gratitude

A letter from former Bishop Jessica Crist  "On behalf of the whole church, I want to thank you for your generosity. As one of the ten top-giving congregations in the whole Synod, you join..." more

"Atonement Women of the ELCA: Thank you so much for your donation of $885.00 to the Billings Public Schools and Middle Schools Student need Fund (Angel Fund) from the Spring Luncheon. You are truly helping to make a difference in these struggling young people's lives." Angel Fund Committee

Your Generosity is Overwhelming! This year, the backpacks, clothing and toiletry items collected during Lent benefit Angela's Piazza and the Billings Public Schools Teen Pantry program. A total of 1,040 items were donated including: 125 backpacks, 38 quilts, 136 hats & gloves, winter coats, baby clothes, diapers, clothing and dental supplies (607 items). Atonement especially thanks Don Ryan for donations of backpacks; Leo O'Brien, CPA for financial contributions; and Brian Francis, DMD for donations of dental supplies.

A BIG thank you to all who donated items to the Christmas Warmth tree that Atonement was a part of at this year’s Festival of Trees. Because of your support, the tree was beautifully and creatively decorated with over 600 scarves, hats and mittens/gloves which went directly out into the community (and possibly farther) to those in need. Also, $900 was raised in support of the Family Tree Center! Thank you to those who gave as well as those who helped set up. What a wonderful example of Christ’s love in this holiday season!