Kristin La Ve`
Worship Director

I've been a part of the Atonement staff as the Worship Director beginning in 2013. My job involves preparing worship services and leading the music at those services and coordinating singers, musicians and volunteers to assist with worship leadership. I'm a Lay Pastor Associate and occasionally preach and preside. I'm a graduate of Rocky Mountain College with a Bachelor's in Music Education and I'm currently a seminarian through Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN. My husband, Pierre, and I have three young adult children, some dogs, and a band that plays occasionally around town.

When I'm not at Atonement, my full-time job finds me at St. John's United as a chaplain and Director of Music. My jobs include leading worship at WyndStone through my St. John's work and chaplain care to the residents. I also lead drumming circles, choir and children's music at St. John's on the west end campus. In my spare time, I love writing music and hanging out with my super fun kids.